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Mysterious Reality Investigations
(License number A-2900147)

Me in a suit

Services Provided

Hello, my name is Doyle Watson and I am currently licensed as a Private Investigator in the State of Florida. I offer many of the same services as what you expect from other private investigators; background checks, surveillance, private criminal investigations, civil investigations, and domestic (family) investigations (domestic investigations are handled on a case-by-case basis).

I also offer personal protection services (bodyguard) and would be very happy to look in to public official corruption situations and civil rights violations involving local and state politicians, law enforcement officials and other areas surrounding public service officials.

I can also investigate work place violence, work place theft, safety issues, worker's compensation and provide risk management and security consultation services.


I am very passionate when it concerns issues of individual rights and responsibilities  and I am very ethical and respectful in my dealings with others, you may call me at 352-897-6213 or 305-849-1751 and we can discuss any issue or case for free, confidentially, so you may determine if a private investigator is the appropriate solution for you. Everyone also needs to realize that a face to face meeting will be necessary as a contract will need to be discussed and completed for your and my protection, see below concerning the conditions of such a meet.

I am located near the towns of Crystal River and Dunnellon and easy driving distance to Ocala and Gainesville. I must insist however that if I travel to any other location that I must charge you a non-refundable fee paid up front to cover travel expenses for a face to face meeting, if you are ok with this non-refundable fee then I am capable of traveling to a location of your choice to conduct the meeting within the State of Florida. The State of Florida has a reciprocity agreement with other States, (contact me here to determine other States), but you must realize that the issue or case must have originated in the State of Florida, if this is the case I can also travel to another State for a meeting, of course the non-refundable upfront fee will be charged.

If you want you may also post questions in my forum which can be accessed either above or here. Realize that any questions or comments posted in the forums can be viewed by the public and I DO NOT provide legal advice, visit a lawyer if you need legal advice.

I wish to thank you in advance for the consideration of hiring me and I hope that any issues can be concluded quickly and to your satisfaction.

Business address;
230 highway 40 east
Inglis, Florida 34449

Snailmail address;
P.O. Box 334
Inglis, Florida 34449

Contact phone numbers;
Business: 352-897-6213
Cell phone: 305-849-1751 (SMS Capable, Verizon Wireless)


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