This is my new personal page.

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General information.

Hello, my name is Doyle and I have decided to place a webpage on-line and since I am the master of this particular domain I can put on them anything I want! All the photographs are taken by me unless otherwise noted, even the game screen-shots were taken by me during the playing of each game, (the games themselves are copyrighted by their respective companies), and everything written here is original works by me, unless otherwise noted.

These two photographs are of a Key West sunrise, I use to live in Key West.

Key West sunrise Key West sunrise

The majority of people in this world only want to go about their lives without being interfered with by others rather it be the Government, your jerk for a neighbor, or many others to numerous to mention here! 
I am sure many will agree with me that today's society really needs revamping, the government is always forcing us to do what they want as they do not want to listen to the constituency, your neighbor is always trying to impose their thoughts and views on how you live your life and use your own property, plus many other agency and organizations have an idea and opinion on how you "the individual" should live your life.
My beliefs are pretty simple, everyone should be able to live your life as you see fit as long as it does not interfere with the way someone else live theirs. No one should ever force their views, thoughts, opinions, ideas or anything else on others.

This is me with short hair.

This is me.

With long hair.

Long hair.

I know many of you have felt the same frustration,
anger, and confusion when it concerns many of the subjects I will be writing about within my forum but I hope you will also feel amused, laugh, and see the humor in a lot of it.

This is a Key West sunset.
Key West sunset

This fellow was found on my car tire, I relocated him to a nearby tree so he could continue with his business without being squished by the car tire.
Preying Mantis

If anyone wants to just write and say hello or you wish to express your opinion about anything found on my pages you may e-mail me here.