Droid X Smart phone MicroSDHC issue.

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Droid X Smart phone MicroSDHC issue.

Postby admin » Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:20 pm

I just recently received the following error on my Droid X smartphone "SD card blank or has unsupported filesystem". Since I have been working sometime now in IT I did what all good computer techs do and began to research the internet using google. After clicking on numerous websites that said they had the same issue I did but no real solutions I talked to one of the other techs who provided the following information concerning this issue.

This issue is HARDWARE and not SOFTWARE, it seems that Verizon Wireless cheaped out and only provides a "class 2" speed 16gb micro sd card which is substandard when dealing with the higher performance smartphones, because this speed is so slow this causes the "data control chip" to burn out. When this "data control chip" burns out there is no real means to recover your data without resorting to a data recovery organization which can be very expensive.

This may have been a cost saving step in the beginning and 16GB removable memory may have appeared to be an awesome idea to many of us that store a lot of information and data on our phones but this is now a ridiculous move on their part as 16GB high speed MicroSDHC cards are readily available in the US to the general public, I was able to pick up a "class 10" write speed PNY MicroSDHC card this afternoon for under $50.

I will be visiting a Verizon Wireless "store" tomorrow to discuss this issue with their techs, though from all that I have read Verizon Wireless won't even admit that there is a problem, I will attempt to confirm if the above information is true. Heck maybe I can convince them to at least warn many of their customers about this issue and maybe I can prevent someone else from losing all their data that is stored on one of these substandard cards.
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